Native Plant Advantage 🌸🌾🌿
  • Water Less & Save Money
  • Help Your Local Environment
  • Provide Bird & Pollinator Habitat
  • Easy to Maintain

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Time to Plant Natives!

Only 2 weeks til the end of Peak planting season πŸŒ¦

This wet weather is perfect for transplanting all sorts of species that thrive in the Willamette Valley. It provides dormant native plants with soft soil and cold weather for a stress-free transition from the nursery to your home or business.

Give your yard a natural makeover with Native Plant Landscaping and enjoy 10% off the total cost! Total Cost includes removing old plants or sod from your yard or pasture and replacing it with shiny new native species and beautifying mulch. 

We’re offering this limited time incentive to help you get your plants in the ground right away!


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featured plants 🌺


Achillea millefolium

This legendary perennial grows to 1-2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. It produces white flowers spring to fall and can spread vigorously by rhizomes and seed.

Red-Flowering Currant

Ribes sanguineum

This beauty is a deciduous shrub that grows to be 4-10 feet tall and 3-10 feet wide. They are easy to grow here in the Willamette Valley and produce red or pink flower clusters in early spring and berries for wildlife in fall.


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