Citylife Ecodesign is an ecological landscape construction contracting company based in Portland, Oregon. We create smart and sustainable landscapes using the most ecologically responsible methods and materials.

Our efficient, low maintenance installations enhance biodiversity, filter rainwater, produce organic edible foods, preserve soil and look amazing.

We always feature native plants and custom color and texture pallets in our designs to ensure your space looks spectacular now and into the future. Our expertise and attention to detail set us apart from traditional landscapers.

Citylife offers a full range of ecological restoration and consultation services including erosion control, invasive species management, native revegetation, soil rehabilitation, bioswale construction and wildlife habitat enhancement. We also offer traditional landscape construction services such as fence building, concrete demo and removal, patios and pathways.

We push the boundaries of what can be done to rapidly improve our living environments and native habitats in cities and beyond.

Our Company Philosophy

Our core philosophy is based on the concept that rather than being separate from nature, human beings and all of the infrastructure of civilization are actually components of natural ecosystems. It is up to us to decide whether our influence on our shared ecosystems is negative or positive. We believe that property owners have a responsibility to manage their land in way that regenerates resources and leaves their micro-ecosystem in better condition than when they found it while maintaining an appropriate aesthetic. We call it progressive landscaping.

We can help design your space to be a vibrant healthy part of the ecosystem using the science of ecological restoration and innovative urban farming techniques. But it’s not enough for a landscape to be beneficial – it has to be just right for you. Client satisfaction is the most important goal we have, that’s why before every project we offer a complimentary consultation where we discuss what you would like and what we are able to provide.  We always base our designs on your aesthetic preferences, preferred level of maintenance and goals for your home or business. Want a fun landscape? We can help! Want a yard that takes care of itself? We can do it! Want a lawn? We can discuss it.

Oregon Benefit Company

As a registered Oregon Benefit Company, we are committed to having a positive impact on society and the environment. 

Our Company Goals

  • Pay our employees a minimum of $15 an hour
  • Strive to be carbon neutral
  • Devote a percentage of revenue from sales to a donation fund to transform local schools and community spaces
  • Offer rates for low income households
  • Hire veterans

Check out our page in the EMSWCD Conservation Directory for a list of Conservation Services we provide