Zev and Kandis met at the University of Oregon in a special Study Abroad course entitled Oregon: A Natural and Cultural History. The course brought together those passionate about their local environment; its history, biology and geology. Through the immersive interdisciplinary study of environmental history and ecology, our founders became determined to provide real solutions to daunting environmental issues.

Citing the essential benefits of sustainable and ecological living, Zev and Kandis launched Citylife Ecodesign to push the boundaries of improving our built and living environments.

Zev Levine

President & Landscape Construction Pro

Zev has a background in ecological design and habitat restoration. He is a Landscape Construction Professional, restoration ecologist and urban farmer. He has previously worked for the National Park Service, Clackamas County and several domestic non-profits.

He grew up in Pleasant Hill, Oregon and earned his degree in Environmental Science and Biology at the University of Oregon.

Kandis Jordan

secretary & Certified Greywater Installer

Kandis’ background is in marketing, sales and technical support. She has worked in the retail, car sharing, hospitality and IT industries.

She was born in Richmond, Virginia and grew up in eastern Oregon and Salem. She studied History and Anthropology at the University of Oregon and is a Tier 1 Certified Greywater Installer.