Laundry to Landscape Line Art


What is Greywater?

Greywater is water from a sink, tub, shower or washing machine.

  • We can install a system in your home to recycle the greywater.
  • Greywater can be used to irrigate plants, trees and gardens in your yard.
  • Recycling greywater saves water. Saving water reduces your costs and relieves stress on the municipal water systems.

Leveling a Branched Drain

Vegetable Garden

What We Do

Laundry to Landscape

Irrigates with recycled laundry water

Laundry to Landscape (L2L) systems are a simple way to save water by recycling the greywater that comes out of your washing machine during a cycle. In a single day installation we can reroute the water to irrigate your plants, trees or gardens instead of sending it through the city water system.

With this method you will save water and make your plants and trees happy year round!

Branched Drain

Irrigates with recycled greywater

Branched drain systems are a great way to reroute greywater from a tub, sink or outdoor shower.

This system typically requires a flat or downward slope from the source of the greywater to its destination. This ensures the system can be gravity fed.

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